King Arthur's Gold

Since Jul 12 2019 I have been contributing to the game's development. This includes working with the closed source engine, doing script side contributions (on github) and talking to the community.

This has given me the chance of:

Click to see some technical examples of what I have done:
  1. Fixed an infamous bug which caused the minimap to turn white seemingly at random. This issue plagued us for months. After sitting down for a few hours, I found the cause: Irrlicht has an issue with OpenGL and removing textures.

  2. Fixed a security issue related to mod loading that allowed users to edit some AngelScript code after joining the server. This issue took me a few days to figure out and ended up learning a lot in the process.

  3. Added more bindings for modders to enjoy. One big example was adding more 3d binds to AngelScript. I spent a few days learning how AngelScript binds work and how irrlicht works. I worked with a skilled modder (GoldenGuy), who helped me test the new binds and suggested features. If you want some old progress bug pics, check these out:

  4. Fixed and updated Rebuild command for modders. This was a command that would rebuild any loaded scripts. However, it has been 'broken' since release. It would only reload .as files, and even then, it had a few limitations. This meant modders would have to restart the game quite often. After spending a while fixing this, it now correctly reloads .as files, even if you change one of its #include ... scripts. It now reloads .cfg files and I also decided to throw in a script so the game will auto rebuild when you alt tab back in.

Territory Control

Ever since the start of development, I have been hosting this mod. TFlippy (Creator of TC) allowed me to contribute to it soon after I started to learn to code. My main contributions have been fixing bugs, making sure the mod is playable and add some new content every now and then.

Note: This mod does have some mature langauge.

This has given me the chance of:

Click to see some examples:
  1. Adding new content:

    • Badger Bomb which is just a badger with a bomb attached to it. There's not much else to it.
    • Clouds was a fun thing to work on. It's a parralex layer that just make the mod look more lively.
    • Basic shader support. I recently allowed mods to use their own shaders (KAG has always supported screen space shaders, but mods could never include their own), so what better place then to use them in one of the biggest mods in KAG.
  2. A lot of my commits have been fixes. Each KAG update runs the risk of the mod breaking, since we depend on vanilla, or some engine update fixes a bug but requires us to change a file. This is not too much of an issue, but it does still take time to do.


I've been modding KAG ever since I started to code. The main reason being is that it allowed me to create something and people were always there to give it a try.

Mods I made:

  1. Dodgeball

    • My first mod ever made in KAG. This was fairly basic, allowing people to shoot balls instead of arrows in a Team Deathmatch gamemode. There are a lot of issues with it, but I learnt a lot from it.
  2. KAG-But-OP

    • My second mod, which ended up being popular. I did not do much aside from editing some values and making the game extremely overpowered, but people enjoyed it.
  3. KAG-GUN

    • My third 'mod', which took about 3 months to finish. This was a huge project, and has allowed other modders to use it in their projects. The main reason was that people had always wanted to have guns in KAG, but most the time they were poorly made and had issues like bullets would go through walls, would eat fps and could cause crashes. This was not due to the modders skill, this was just due to KAG's limitations. So I wrote my own soon after KAG released some special binds, which allowed me to bypass KAG's limitations.

This has given me the chance of:


This was one of my first few projects written in rust. It's a discord bot (for my small community) so we could have some useful commands. Razi was actually written twice. The first time ended up being extremely bad. The bot would go down every few hours, hang, freeze etc. The current version has not went down for months, and uses little resources thanks to rust.

The bot currently:

This has given me the chance of:

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